Friday, October 9, 2009

During the BOS @ LAA game... Mid 8.

Do I hate the Angels for keeping the Rangers from the division, or do I hate the Bossox for keeping the Rangers from the wild card? Or am I just sick of being a Rangers fan? They sure as hell don't make it easy.
Any way you cut it, 163 games is a helluva season. I've been a Twins fan since about a week from the end of the season. God knows Detroit needs to see some athletes (there aren't any playing for the Lions), but Minnesota made 'em work, and the they made 'em cry.
Not only did the Twins make the Tigers worry about the end of the season... the Twins made the Tigers worry about the end of game 163. That - my friends - is why I'm a baseball fan.
...and since I like the Yankees as much as my dad likes Notre Dame (see: none). ...and since I'm upset with the Angels and the Sox for keeping the Rangers out (although that's like being upset with the cop that wrote you a ticket for speeding - which is to say that the Rangers are the reason that the Rangers are out)
...if the Twins go home, maybe I'll defect and root for the National League. My brother does, and he's pretty smart - although he is a Padres fan.
Torre defected to the National League (from the Bronx Bummers). I can get behind that. Lasorda is a baseball genius... right? Maybe I'm a Dodgers fan.

Some other thoughts...
>Watching Teixeira in a Yankees jersey is like watching your girlfriend kiss another guy. It just gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.
>My only real problem with the Angels is that I keep seeing Tony Danza and the crazy scientist from Back to the Future.
>I'm glad that there's more coverage of Romo in the sports page than the entertainment page... that's not been the case in the past.
>Am I the only one who recognizes the genius of George Harrison? A guitar that weeps; and does so gently? That's phenomenal!