Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Years Old

I don't like to share too much personal information on this blog - mostly because of people like this - but I'm excited because tomorrow my little girl turns two.
I'm excited because it's a big day for her. The difference between one and two is alot bigger than the difference between 30 and 31. She knows a lot more words than she did last year, and can walk alot better than she did at her first birthday party. She's helpful (sometimes) and can hold an entire conversation with her mother (as long as you only ask her how old she is, say hello or bye bye, and ask her if she likes boys at church (two of her early words). I have convinced myself that she doesn't like boys yet... she's just using slang for her favorite football team.
I'm also scared... more scared than I feel (how does that work?). I'm scared that I'm old enough to have a two year old daughter. I'm scared that I have a little girl that repeats everything I say (so I'd better watch my mouth). I'm scared that I have someone that relies on me for food, shelter, knowledge, love, and attention. But, again - I'm also excited.
I have a little girl who - along with her little sister - thinks I'm Superman. I love the way they look at me when I do something heroic (or something silly). I love the way they kiss and hug, and the way they squirm and giggle when they're tickled (BTW, my wife squirms when she's tickled, too).
Mostly, I'm just excited to see my little girl's face each and every day. I love all three of my girls, and I love to see them happy. I'd do anything to keep them all smiling.
Enough gushing... before I go, I want to say something about the crises affecting our world. Sometimes God does thinks that suck, and we don't understand why (like the earthquake in China). The government of Burma (" may know it as Myanmar, but it will always be Burma to me") is doing the same thing. Why are they turning down or re-routing help? Lets hope that the government there knows something we don't know and has a purpose that we don't understand. As God said in Evan Almighty (and I'm sure somewhere else before) "Just know that I do it because I love you."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ritchie Sexson is a ChickenSh!t

If you watched the Ranger's game tonight you'd understand why I say that. Of course, not too many people watch Ranger's games anymore... but, I digress.
So the Mariner's pitcher put some Ranger's batters on base by hitting them with pitches. I don't think he was intentionally pegging batters. I think he just sucks at pitching.
When Ritchie Sexson takes the batter's box, he get's a pitch that's high and tight. I know that Ritchie Sexson doesn't know much about baseball, but that's what happens when you crowd the plate. It's how the pitcher backs you off of the plate.
Sexson, not knowing much about baseball - and not being very intelligent anyway - charged the plate (this is where he begins to become a chickensh!t). Just short of the pitcher, who is ready for the onslaught, Ritchie Sexson threw his helmet at the pitcher. He must have thought, "Crap, I got here to the mound and realized that I don't want to get my butt kicked. I should use weapons." In any other sport, that will get you fined.
However, since Bud Selig only watches the Brewers and the Yankees, he may not ever find out about Sexson's cowardice. I'm certain that Bud Selig doesn't read this blog.
Anyway... I've insulted enough people for now, so I'll call it a night.

Wait... one more. Josh Howard, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you really as stupid as you sound? From this point on you should just keep your mouth shut. Don't talk anymore.