Friday, March 19, 2010

My man-crush on Rick Reilly

I never liked reading Sports Illustrated. My brother and I had a subscription when I was a kid and I could never get into the articles. They didn't seem to be about sports, they seemed to be about athletes... and their mothers... and their dogs... and their mortgages, troubles, achievements, and hair-styles.
But, I loved the last page. It was always worth reading.

Some years ago I got a subscription to The Mag. I loved it, but it was always missing something and I let my subscription lapse.

About a year ago my brother gave me a subscription for some note-worthy gift giving event and I was excited when I finished reading the magazine and noticed that the article on the last page was a Rick Reilly article! A month later, there it was again! ESPN had stolen Rick Reilly from SI (though, I admit I have no knowledge of the details surrounding the transfer of power).

Rick Reilly never really "writes" articles, and I never really "read" them. It always seems like Rick is just chatting with a bunch of friends over a beer and I have a seat at that table.

It seems that he has a grasp on the reality of sports. He understands that sport is not about salaries, ratings, or endorsement deals. Sport is about competition. It's about the game. It's about skill, effort, and it's about the team.
I loved the metaphor in his most recent article: "[Houston Yates High School head basketball coach Greg] Wise is to sportsmanship what tsunamis are to beach chairs." (...or is that a simile?)

Rick Reilly writes how I wish I could write. He knows what I wish I could know, and he's not afraid to try something new, or admit when he doesn't know something.

I hope someday to buy that man a drink and enjoy what must be a steady commentary on sports, life, and sports-life.


Kevin said...

Thought you all might be interested in the response I got:


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Kristi said...

Your brother is not a blue-eyed, blonde hair James Bond...