Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy Crap, it's the ESPY's!

Wow, it's the ESPY's! One of the most exciting sports nights on TV.

Think of the most exciting sports highlight from the entire year... then think of the second... the third... the fourth... etc...

Now, imagine that you're watching and re-living all of those on one night, including footage of sports legends that precede us into glory, and audio of the umpire that revoked a perfect game ("I just missed the damned call, and I took a perfect game away from that kid... and there's no one that feels worse about that than I do")...
Remember Usain Bolt, Donovan's goal, Braden's Grandmother, Michelson's wife, Rochette's mother and Earnhardt's father. Forget the miracle on ice, see the destiny. Watch Duke, Spain, UConn, Serena, Mario, The Tide, Stanley in Chi-town, and Lombardi in the Big Easy.
Add some Seth Meyer's humor ("The New Orleans Saint's prove that an underdog team can win a championship... unless of course that underdog team is playing the Laker's, the Yankee's, or Duke"; "Cheer up Cleveland, you don't need Lebron James to win a championship. Literally every single team that's ever won a championship has done it without Lebron James", and referencing the locker room atmosphere after the Laker's championship win, "Kobe went crazy, Gasol went crazy, Ron Artest stayed crazy"; and commenting that before Isner's recent match, no one has spent that much time on grass since Cheech and Chong") and a helluva soundtrack (most recently they tore through some Creedence) and you have yourself an exciting evening.

I haven't even finished it yet... that's the great thing about DVR... I keep rewinding and re-watching it.

It's exciting enough to make me almost forget about last night's American League fail... though my brother might say that the ESPY's only add to the excitement of the National League's display.

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