Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How to screw up your ERA in 1 easy inning.

1. Underestimate the Yankees - God knows I hate 'em, but you can't ever underestimate the boys in blue, especially when you're playing in the Bronx Zoo.
2. Count on your hot-shot short stop - Okay, so this isn't really Tejada's fault, but I'm a little upset that Micheal Young tried to bare hand what could easily have been the first out of the inning. Instead, Young bobbled the ball and left it in the dirt. He looked like a little league player that was trying to show off. Of course, Michael Young's dad isn't there to yell at him and tell him that there are 8 other players on the field and he needs to stop bein' a hot shot and glove the damned ball.
3. Give up 4 runs before that first out - I don't mean to sound like John Madden here, but the way you win games is by limiting your opponents scoring, while increasing your own. Giving up 4 runs before the first out is the adverse to that.
4. Get your first out on a ground ball after 26 pitches - That's alot of pitches for your first inning... especially when your 26th pitch is the first out. You can't go nine if you're giving up pitches at that pace.

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