Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More on Stein.

Wow, now here's an article that is worth reading!

If you've read my other blog, you'll be able to see that I get upset when someone gets paid to write an article full of common sense. However, the Ben Stein article (see link above) has true value. He doesn't tell you to "look at the other person in the face" when having a conversation. He doesn't remind you to speak clearly and not mumble. That's common sense. No one thinks to themselves, "Gee, I always thought it was okay to mumble. I'm glad I read that article." The people that mumble either don't think they mumble, or don't care.

Ben Stein has good advice for people who like to converse. I just finished a meeting with an executive at my company, and while I think we had an intelligent conversation and both learned something about the other... I still wish I'd read this article before the meeting, instead of just now.

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