Thursday, October 25, 2007

Those Pesky Alarming Sound Effects

I'll tell you what kills me is those pesky sound effects. You know the ones; you aren't quite sure if they are sound effects or not. Are your ears playing tricks on you? Are you in trouble? Do you need to react quickly?
I was driving home the other night listening to John Meyer. He had a sax blow a crescendo on one steady note. It fit the music beautifully. The problem was that I was making a left turn on a green light at the time.
No one was coming - I had checked the intersection. But, I still worried that someone was bearing down on me, standing on their horn.
It's like hearing sirens in a commercial or rap song. You never think, "Wow, those sirens sure made this song worth hearing." You always think, "Oh, crap. I'm getting pulled over!"
Jim Cramer commented today that Comcast was acting like a baby. Cramer always has great comments, and he sure knows how to read the market. The problem is that he used a baby-crying sound effect shortly after I had put my girls to bed. Instead of thinking, "You're right Jim, those clowns at Comcast are doing something wrong" I was thinking, "Oh crap. Which one is awake?" (That last comment should show you. The crying baby sound effect took my mind off of Cramer's show. I don't even know what the horse's asses at Comcast did wrong... or are doing wrong... or are going to do wrong).
So, what's the point of this post? There isn't one... except to say that I love John Meyer and Jim Cramer, but they're slowly killing me. Oh yeah, and thank you John McCain for what you did during Woodstock.

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