Monday, October 1, 2007

Kevin's EspyEmmyTonyOscar awards.

1. The winner of the "It's not my damned fault" award goes to Milton Bradley. (I can't find the quote now, but he said something to the effect of "Because of him [the umpire] my knee's injured"). His actions may have cost his team the playoffs. At the time this article went to print it is the end of the 11th inning. Had Bradley been in center field instead of nursing his ACL, the Padres may have taken this game in regulation.
2. The winner of the "Squeaky-Wheel gets the grease" award goes to Elvira Tellez. Had she been a real pain-in-the-ass the nurses might have remembered her and been sure to send her home instead of leaving her in the CT scan overnight.
3. The winner of the "I wear the pants in this family" award goes to my wife. With the Padres and the Rockies tied in the ninth during the 7th regular season playoff game of all time, she had me switch the TV so that she could watch the rose ceremony on "The Bachelor".
4. The winner of the "Oh-$h!t!" award goes to Bob Stoops. He under-estimated Kevin Eberhart and ruined my Saturday afternoon.
4b. The runner up - and honorable mention - is Charlie Weis. No longer the gold standard, Weis may be unemployed by month's end.


Daniel said...

this isnt about your post (which i enjoyed), but i saw today that the texas rangers were dead last in avg road attendance this year. ouch.
(maybe im still a bit jaded about the padres)

Anonymous said...

I love you baby...I was just allowing you the chance to get to see some pretty ladies.


Kevin said...

Thanks, Baby...

Daniel - That's 'cause the Rangers sucked this year (and in general). The only real fans come to see them at home.

Kristi said...

that's why we have we can both wear the pants in the family (just not at the same time, that would be a tight squeeze)