Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Morning Rant

I read an article on The New York Times website today regarding the Veteran's recent strike-out on the Cooperstown vote.
Near misses included a 5 spot for the Cubbies, a famous hurler, a long time "blue" and a hard charging negotiator. The question has been asked, "Should the Cooperstown Veterans be able to decide who joins their club, or should the news men make the list?"
The problem with the hall of famers is cronyism. Why vote for a Union Chief that may or may not have negotiated the right salary for me? Why vote for an umpire that may or may not have made a questionable call against my teammate? Why vote for a pitcher that didn't play in my era when one of my less-deserving buddies is on the list?
I'll tell you who should vote. The fans! Isn't baseball for the fans? Aren't the fans the ones filling the Cooperstown coffers with entry fees and souvenir purchases? Should we be the ones to decide whether Charlie Hustle gets a plaque?
I'm finally willing to agree with Joe Torre (even if he is a damned yankee). Torre was quoted as saying, "It's a shame because it benefits nobody."


Daniel said...

nice sentiments, but fan voting has already compromised the integrity of the all-star game (though i have no problem with that, its just an exhibition anyway and i hate the new "winning league gets home-field advantage in the WS" thing). let's not expand its reach. there is something to be said for 'experts' (even if they sometimes don't act like it). besides, you want to give up cronyism (and questionable cronyism at that; do professionals really hold grudges that long?) for a group of people (fans) who are motivated strongly by allegiance. would your vote be affected by a player being a yankee? mine sure would!

Kevin said...

That's true... All-Star games are simply popularity contests.
My brother and I have very little in common. We are as far across the spectrum as you can imagine. However... the one tie that binds is our love for baseball and our hatred for the bronks bummers.
(The mispelling was intentional).

Jen!! said...

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