Friday, March 2, 2007

Damned Fair-Weather Fans

If you're such a big damned Bossox fan, get your @$$ over to Massachusetts!

I am a Rangers fan... through thick and thin. I complain about their pitching as loud as the next guy, but I'm still a fan.
I like to go to the Home-Opener. I love taking the day off work and heading out to the Ballpark at Arlington for an afternoon game in the April sun. I enjoy drinking a cold beer and keeping score. So, I was prepared when tickets went on sale this morning at 9:00 AM CST. I started hitting the ticket site about 10 minutes before nine (just in-case my clock was different than the Ranger's). At 9:00 am I was put into a "Virtual Waiting Room" that kept refreshing every 30 seconds. I also tried calling the ticket office every few minutes (it was busy every time).
At 10:15 I was pulled from the "Virtual Waiting Room" and allowed to select a game. Finally, my waiting had paid off! However, the Home Opener was sold out.

This is a city full of fair weather fans. Everyone likes the Rangers now, because they haven't lost a game. How many people at the Home Opener will still give a sh!t in September? I'm certain, very few.
I'm also willing to bet that half the fans in the Ballpark will be rooting for Boston. YOU'RE IN THE WRONG DAMNED CITY! I like Boston, too. I really enjoy it when the Bossox can beat up on the Yanks (of course, I like it when the Angels and the Mariners beat up on the Yanks, too), but you freakin' Boston fans need to get on a G*D D@MNED PLANE!

Thank you for reading my rant. If you have access to tickets for the April 6th game, please, let me know. I'll sit anywhere.

(So, why don't you buy tickets for the next game? The next afternoon home game isn't played until April 22nd. I was really looking forward to an afternoon game).

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Sassy said...

"If you're such a big damned Bossox fan, get your @$$ over to Massachusetts!"

Check! I did just that! :)