Saturday, March 24, 2007

Roto warning #1

I haven't done any research, but I wanted to send a warning about the roto virus.
First of all, don't panic... Don't throw away your child's entire toy collection. Don't keep your child in the protective bubble of your own home. Don't make all your guests wash their hands 5 times before sitting in the same room with your children.

My daughter is in the hospital with the Roto virus. There were many other children there with the same thing. Fortunately, my daughter doesn't have a horrible case. She's had a fever (off and on) and she's had diarrhea. Friday she began throwing up so we took her to the pediatrician, and then to the emergency room.
She's been poked and prodded. She's fussy about her IV and bored out of her mind (of course, mommy and daddy are worried and bored, which is a bad combination).

The warning? Wash your child's toys after he/she has had a play date. Wash your child's changing table after EVERY changing. Wash your child's hands, and your own hands after EVERY changing. Use a cover on a public place (like a shopping cart).
DON'T use public changing tables (a nurse told us the floor was cleaner than a public changing table). We usually change our daughter in the car before we go into a public place like the mall or a restaurant. Usually she will last until we come back out to the car before she needs another changing.

I'm left handed, so it's easier for me to put my daughter with her legs to the left when I'm changing her. My wife is right handed, so it's easier for her to put my daughter's legs to the right. We had to stop that... Always change your children in the same direction so their hands and head are never where thier poop and pee used to be. (If I can golf right handed, I can learn to change a little girl facing the other way).

I'm going to do research, and I'll post more information and include links as I find them. Don't panic, but go wash your hands right now.

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