Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prescription Drugs

I read this interesting article by Glenn Greenwald about prescription drugs.

He compares the doctor-patient privilege to the attorney-client privilege. I thought the most interesting point was that the attorney is an advisor. However, the ultimate decision is left to the client. The doctor's role is more parental - in that he can make the decision regarding a prescription drug (that is - if the decision is negative).

I would have definately stated that many people are not capable of making wise decisions regarding powerful prescription drugs and definately need a doctor's permission. Greenwald seems to state that adults may need to seek a doctor for advice, but that the decision should ultimately be up to the patient. I disagreed with him until I read his article.... now I'm not so sure.

Read his article and let me know your comments.

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Kristi said...

Our freedoms are a beautiful thing. There are many incompetent adults who live in America, but are you willing to sacrifice your rights and liberties so that they are restrained from making stupid decisions? I am not.

The city of Topeka is not willing to make laws that prohibit Fred Phelps from expressing his views because, not only would that be unconstitutional, but it would, in essence, prohibit everyone else's freedom of speech.

Our freedom to make decisions regarding our health is precious and should not be regulated or restricted by the state (or a doctor).

I appreciate the analogy between the doctor-patient privilege and the lawyer-client privilege. Advice from either a doctor or lawyer should not be taken lightly because in most cases they are "experts" on the subject, but the final decision should rest with the person it will affect the most.

(i sound more and more like an attorney's kind of scary...)