Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ron Washington

I listened to Dunham & Miller this morning. They were musing about Ron Washington's greatness - or, lack thereof (depending on who was talking). I don't listen enough to know who was arguing about what (honestly, I usually listen to the financial report on another AM station). But, I do know that one of the hosts was claiming that Ron Washington isn't great (yet). He was a little perturbed by all the media claims that the Ron Washington way was going to earn Texas a pennant. "He really lights up a room!"
I agree that Ron Washington is a great guy, but I also agree with the dissenting view on The Ticket... Lighting up a room is not the same as lighting up a scoreboard. Ron Washington has never managed above single A (at least, that was the claim on SportsRadio 1310). He's also been passed over many times by the A's. What do they know that the Ranger's front office doesn't know?
I don't think Ron Washington is a bad manager. I simply think that he's got to prove himself... and last night he didn't. I saw the same Rangers I've been watching for the past decade.
The pitching was mediocre (a hit per inning, fewer strikeouts, and all runs were earned). However, the Ranger's run support was horrible.
The only way Sammy Sosa could get on base was a walk, and then the Ranger's left him there. Overall they left 14 on, and you can't win pennants leaving 14 men on base.
Kinsler put one over the fence, but other than that the Ranger's bats were ineffective. *
Ron Washington has 161 more games. Will he be the next great manager for the Ranger's or the next great third base coach for Garland High School?


Sassy said...

Yeah the Rangers were playing the Sox's old game of stranding men on. I personally find Ron Washington frightening, but that's neither here nor there. Overall, Rangers and Sox losing and Yanks winning do NOT make a happy Opening Day for me...

Menora said...

Keep up the good work.