Monday, August 6, 2007

Blog Postings.

I had a friend comment that I had not posted on my blog recently. It opened my eyes to the fact that many more people may read my blog than I was initially aware. I thought I'd make some comments regarding the current state of society and some general statements and critiques.

1. My heart goes out to the families affected by the recent tragedy in Minnesota.
2. Congratulations to Tom Glavine for his 300th win. An MLB milestone not steeped in steroid accusations is certainly a breath of fresh air.
3. If Tommy Gavin does what he considered at the end of the most recent episode of Rescue Me I'm done watching that show.
4. I'm reading a long article entitled "I've Got Nothing To Hide" and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy by Daniel J. Solove. When I'm done, I'll summarize it and state some thoughts. Look for that soon.
5. With the first draft pick in my Fantasy Dog Fighting league - I chose Michael Vick.
6. I hope Jen gets evicted next.

Feel free to comment. Let me know what happened recently that raised your heart-rate or made you grimmace.


Kristi said...

you do have a lot of blog included.

what about biggio's 3000th hit?? doesn't that deserve some recognition from a hometown houstonian?

and i haven't seen the most recent episode of "rescue me" so i'm glad that you didn't spill the beans!

Kevin said...

I knew you hadn't watched it, and I knew you read my blog... so I re-wrote the post to avoide giving away anything.
Oh yeah... Biggio! Congrats! It's tough to make headlines playing in Texas.
Think about Mark Texiera. No one outside of Texas knew who he was until he got traded to the Braves.

Daniel said...

agreed. well done on not spoiling 'rescue me'. im about to start watching that show (just finished the first 3 seasons of 'the wire' on netflix. incredible show, by the by).

Kristi said...

you will definitely enjoy "rescue me," daniel, but i have to say that i'm less impressed with this season than the previous ones.