Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Thursday Thirteen

1. Go big or go home.
2. Dave, what happened, man?
3. You can't let dogs fight... that's cruel. But, you can kill them softly.
4. Congrats, Nilay! (I hope I got the right link).
5. If anyone has a Rocklahoma t-shirt... I have a buyer.
6. Sudoku got you down? Try this.
7. Got a family member in another time zone? Don't do math... use this to find out if it's too late to call.
8. Hey, it's only 3:00. I'll add more later.


Daniel said...

wow. finally, a happy day in mudville. i dont think the padres have scored 30 runs all year; luckily, the stellar pitching staff hasnt given up 30 either.

Daniel said...

i just watched the espn coverage again. what a box score! rangers have more scoreless innings than scoring innings. littleton gets a save w/ a 28-run lead. orioles only used 4 pitchers, went from 7th to 10th in era. 39 runs in a doubleheader. 110 years. wow.