Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I gotta tell ya', this guy fascinates me. I don't have quite the hatred that many Americans have for this man.
Ask anyone that knows me... I have hatred in my heart (see Michael Moore, Fred Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, Corby) just none for Ahmedinejad. Why should I? I don't see why everyone dislikes him so much.
I thought I'd analyze some of the criticism.
There are some that state that Iran provides resources to terrorists. Says who? Bush? We all know that Bush's intelligence comes from a bunch of guys that couldn't find their assholes with both hands and a flashlight (see Iraqi WMD's).
Ahmedinejad said that Israel should be "wiped off the map." First of all, he didn't say that. That's in English, and he doesn't speak English. I don't know exactly what Ahmedinejad said, but "wiped off the map" is a translation. I've read that his words could also be translated as "eliminated" or "wiped away" and that Ahmedinejad was not talking about the state or geological phenomenon of Israel, but simply the Israeli government and regime.
Ahmedinejad said that there are no homosexuals in Iran. I'm certain that he did not mean that there are absolutely positively no homosexuals anywhere in Iran (see crying and its existence in baseball). I think Ahmedinejad was attempting to indicate that homosexuality is much more prevelant in American society. We have Will & Grace. We watch Ellen & Doogie Houser. Hell... Webster's New Millenium Dictionary includes "MetroSexual". I think Ahmedinejad was trying to say that the phenomenon is not accepted by Iranian society. I think he meant, "We don't have homosexuals because they all hide, or hang".
Iran is building nuclear weapons. Again... Bush and his intelligence isn't all it's cracked up to be. Plus, can you tell another country they are evil for producing nuclear weapons when we are the only country to ever use atomic energy in combat? Israel, Pakistan, China, and Russia are all in the Nuclear Club. In the early '80s some kid made an atomic bomb with material he stole from John Lithgow (wait... that was a movie). If I were Iran, and I got as much crap from America as Ahmadinejad does, I'd want a nuclear umbrella for protection, too!
So, what has he done poorly? Why is he evil? Why is this man hated so much? Someone explain it to me. Tell me I'm wrong.

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Anonymous said...


This letter conveys Ahmedinejad's take on American foreign politics fairly clearly.

Iran is run, internally, by the mullahs so to argue that things aren't exactly chirpy inside Iran is fair enough but Ahmedinejad appears to deal mainly in foreign affairs as President so this letter really does give an insight into the injustices he feels, as a man. It is precisely this list of grievences that lead the US administration to portray his country as "evil".

In my personal experience Iran is not evil at all, it's a very beautiful country with excellent education and really decent people.