Thursday, January 11, 2007

$250 Million?

I thought A-Rod earned a rediculous amount of money after he was signed for $25 Mil/Year (and then played like a little girl... he complained like a little girl, too). But, now David Beckham is earning $50 Mil/Year. That's the entire payroll of the Milwaukee Brewers!
It will take me more than a thousand years to earn that much.

If the Dem's are successful in their minimum wage bid, it will still take an earner more than 3,315 years working 40 hours a week just to earn what David Beckham will earn in one year playing a game for an hour and a half every week or so.

If there are 36 games in a season, and David Beckham plays for the entire hour and a half... He's earning almost a million dollars an hour!

Look at the bright side. Atleast he's playing an honest game and not stealing "unknown substances" from his teammate's lockers.

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Kevin said...

Now, Rueters is announcing that the Galaxy are holding open tryouts. The article states that this is common for North American sports teams, but the only reference they have is from 30 years ago.