Friday, January 26, 2007

Google Search: First Result!

I'm excited by little things.
When I take 99 piss poor strokes on a golf course, I get excited about the one that's beautiful. I get excited about warm pie with cool whipped cream on top. I get excited everytime I look at the pictures of my wife and daughter on my desk. But, the thing that got me excited today was very small, but very big.

Someone actually typed in the right string of search words and my blog was listed as the first result. That's right. Someone actually typed: "ESPN cover with vitamin water" into Google and then followed the link to my blog.

Okay, so it was only one guy, and he didn't click any of the adds on my website. But, it's exciting to me that I'm actually showing up in Google's searches (especially since I just found that my name doesn't show up in the first five pages).