Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Webb to give State of the Union response

According to Yahoo! Senator Jim Webb will provide the official Democratic response to the President's January 23rd State of the Union Address.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid states that Sen. Webb, as a combat veteran, "understands personally how crucial it is to find a new direction in Iraq and begin to bring the war to a close."

My question is... why have the Democrats decided that a 60 year old freshman senator who hasn't seen combat since his time in Vietnam (as no more than a 1st Lt.) considered the best option to review the current direction of the war in Iraq? He served as Navy secretary for Reagan, but is that enough? The war in Vietnam and the Cold War were both very different than the current war in Iraq. The policies were different. The combat actions were different, the soldiers and the weaponry were different.

What in his combat experience has qualified him for this task?

By the way... what happened to the soldiers "in-the-know?" I know that neither General Schwarzkopf nor Colin Powell would be in a political position to provide the Democratic response, but they are familiar with both the enemy in Iraq and the current U.S. Military capabilities. (Yes, I know that even the enemy has changed since Operation Desert Storm. But, the differences between the Iraqi insurgency and the NVA are much greater). Why haven't we heard much from these two gentlemen?


Bond said...

Good question about Powell and Schwartzkopf...Why are they so quiet? Could their opinions be so detremental to the war in total that they have decided to not speak at all?
Thaks for coming by THE COUCH

Sparky Duck said...

Most people miss the entire response to any state of the union address, so as long as he doesnt say makaka, it should be fine

Kevin said...

Update! According to a Yahoo!NEWS article I read, Senator Webb has a son serving in Iraq. That certainly affects his objectivity, doesn't it?