Friday, January 19, 2007

ESPN Mag Sellout

Athletes have sold out. They will leave a city full of loyal fans for another team with a larger offer. Fans have sold out. They root for winners and could care less about losers (at least that's the way it is in Dallas). How horrible it was when the Stadiums sold out. Gone are the days of Candlestick Park and Three Rivers stadium. Now we play in 3Com, Enron, and Ameriquest field.
We always knew that magazines sold ads. No worries. We skip the ads and read the articles. But, the last bastion of pure sports has been sold. Say goodbye to The Cover.
ESPN The Magazine's January 29th Edition cover shows LT juking a vitamin water bottle. After all, it's "The New Superconductor". Though the cover artist isn't so sure... there's a question mark.

By the way... I avoided links on purpose. I didn't want to promote ESPN or vitamin water.

But, you should click on the ads in the column on the right.

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